May 04, 2016 05 50 PM PDT
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Presentation on Best Practices of Test Automation

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Presentation on Best Practices of Test Automation

We are all getting together on May 4th at 5:30pm at Intuit. The topic of our next meeting was selected by one of our own - Quality veteran David McNulla who has been working in Quality for 20+ years now will be giving a presentation on Good Practices of Test Automation. From the feedback I have received after many of the previous Meetups, this should be of interest for quite a few of you who have been chomping at the bit to learn 'just how does one go about implementing automation? (and how do I get my team to stick to it!?).' For additional information about the presentation and group, visit

TO WATCH THIS EVENT: the livestream will be made available via Periscope, which is most easily shared on Twitter. When the event begins tomorrow at 5:30pm PST, you'll be able to watch by going to  I will also be uploading the broadcast to YouTube afterward. The link to that video will be available on the group's Meetup page (

Jon Barton 
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